Hi! I'm Karen Tengum

I buy teacups, teapots and tea sets.

In fact, if it's vintage, I'm always interested. Fine China, however, is where I am an expert.

I'm one of the most prolific sellers of Teacups and Tea Sets on Etsy with over 950 sales and a solid 5-star rating.

All too often I hear of people who sold their tea set for a few dollars on Facebook or Kijiji, these usually are people who are selling their sets to pay their bills.

I want to help you get a fair price for what you have from people who will appreciate them as much as you do.


How I can help you get more money

My process is simple and efficient and even easier than trying to sell on Kijiji or Facebook

You tell me about what you have

With a simple form you tell me about your set, the pattern and provide some photos if you can and I'll be in touch within 1 business day.

If the pieces are of interest to me I'll ask some further questions

If I think there is a market for the pieces you have I'll ask some questions about condition or I might ask for some additional photos. In some cases I may arrange to come see them in person.

I'll give you an estimate of what I think the value is

At this point, I'll be able to tell you what I think they would be worth and what I think they would fetch online.

Note: Due to the volume of requests I get, If I do not think the pieces are something I could sell I will not be able to provide an estimate of value.

I'll make an offer

If I think I can sell your pieces I'll make you an offer that is based on what I feel I could sell them for online, taking into account my costs associated with professionaly listing the items, carrying fees and shipping risks.

When my offer is to your liking you simply accept it and I will arrange to pick up the cup and pay you then.

You get paid when I pick up the pieces, no waiting for it to sell, no carrying fees, just a super easy cash transaction for more than you were expecting!

Tell me what you have for sale

I'll reply within 1 day to your enquiry, it's really easy!

I will email you at this address, so make sure it's your best one :D
I am local to the East Kootenay Region of BC. If you're outside this region it may make things harder, though for the right pieces we could work something out.

Tell me about what make, pattern and condition your cups are in.

Are there any chips or cracks?

What is the condition of the gold, is it worn or pristine?

Once you submit this form, I'll be in touch to get some photos from you. I have an easy way for you to take and send them.


Recent Purchases

These are some sets I recently purchased from people just like you who thought what they had was only worth a few dollars.


  • 1930's Paragon Tea Cups

    6 Cups and saucers

    $35 each

  • 1950's Royal Albert

    2 Cups and saucers

    $15 each

  • 1920's Aynsley Teapot

    So pretty!